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Give Up Robot 2

Give Up Robot 2 is fabulous continuation of the famous game Give Up Robot. In new version the developers did their best and have created an incredibly interesting game. A huge number of new levels and difficulties will not make you get bored. Guide Robot through 60 stages spread throughout three worlds, each of which is filled with a variety of deadly traps. The game, to some extent, belongs to logic games genre, because most of the times you will have to move your brains before taking a step. Imagine that you are a little robot who is lost in a strange world, who tries to find out a way and you must help him. This sequel takes on jumping, grappling and swinging with added jetpacks; lasers; conveyor belts; moving blocks; electrified blocks; rockets; bosses and more. Your only saving grace is Robot's built-in grappling hook, and you will need to master its use quickly. Use your grappling hook to move from the left side of the screen to the right side in each stage. To overcome difficult obstructions you have grappling hook which goes to a certain distance. You will need to cling to the hanging rocks and then swing to make the leap. Collect as many coins as you can along the way to increase your score. You must cling to different cubes, avoid falling rocks and properly use everything that is around you. You must use your patience and perseverance to make it through the 60 levels in Normal mode and the 12 additional punishing levels in Hard mode. The further you will pass the levels, the harder it will become to play, but trust me it makes the game only more interesting. At our official website you have an opportunity to play full version of this game just for free. An exciting gameplay will make you fall in love with this game. You will find hundreds of differences between first part because the graphic of the game has become more intelligent. To control your character you must use buttons on your keyboard [Left] ; [Right] ; [Up] and [Down], also you must press [Z] button to move robot`s mechanical arm. The game is full of difficulties so don't Give Up and help your little friend. You can also take your time with first part at our official website, wish you good pastime. Good luck.

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